Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let’s get back on the feet… before the feet get too cold and frozen to move on.

1. Everyone makes mistakes… it’s either you can spend the rest of your life regretting or, you can put your best to make it right. Allah loves those who try.

2. Past is past… none could be done to bring them back. Future is uncertain, leave it up to Allah… what matters most is the present… but if you are screwing up your present, you might as well doing it to your future… so, do your best at this very moment and leave tomorrow to Allah… tie the camel, and then tawakkal.

3. It’s no point to keep blaming yourself for a mistake that you’ve done. Ask for forgiveness and repent…. And move on.

4. Do not harbor grudge on anyone… it’ll only make your life miserable. Let go and forgive. A forgiving heart is indeed beautiful.

5. Be patient. “the difference between love and pain is time”… so be patient. The day will come when pain was just a vague memory at the back of your mind. And you will , by Allah wills… laugh again. Patience is a shining glory, remember?

6. Remember that Allah knows best… and He knows way better than your parents…. And He has the best for you in His provision. Put your trust in Allah.

7. Family are people who understand you very well… talk to them… they will understand your decision. Don’t worry too much.

8. Take good care of yourself. If you can’t take good care of yourself, how do you expect others to receive your care?

9. Do your work. Don’t let others have too much control of your life. You are in control of your own life… if anyone tries to mess it up, tell them straight to their face “hey you, STOP”

10. Change is a constant action. If you were to change, you have to be istiqamah… always, always put your best to be a better person.

11. “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, don’t be angry”… anger is the spark of fire that is always bursting… try with all your might, to put your angst to rest whenever it starts to tickle.

12. If you want to make it right, start it with the right way… then you will find Allah’s guidance. And if Allah wants it for you, He will make it easy for you… He will show you the way to get to it… Trust in Him… always, duaa…

13. In the future… don’t give up so easily on things that you’ve spent so long trying to put together… if you’re are tired of an hour of grievances, think of days or probably months of happiness… is it worthy to give up all those happy moments because of one minor hurt?

14. Be grateful for anything that happens for Allah is teaching you something…open your eyes and see beyond the present condition.

15. Learn to value people and things that you have rather than envying others or wishing for the unknowns… for what you have is more valuable than you know… and it’s too late to realize when its already gone.

:: I just need a little self-motivation... =) smile to a brighter future... ameen ::


april said...

i beleive the word that u want to use in point no. 4 is grudge..

KIAMBANG said...

=) thank u very much... I'm very bad at spelling.

april said...

no worries..
wat matters most is the content..
ur english is pretty good actually..

Faramidi said...

i had my presentation last week and it was terrible! i could see some of them (classmates) yawning and some meddling with their handphones. sgt sedih to know that i made them feel awfully bored. that my presentation was boring. huhu. but i was super nervous! thought i could have done better. i'm always wishing for the same thing but things don't usually happen the way i want it to be. geram2. but as u said, forget and move on kan. to Allah, what matters is u try. thanks for this post! in need of some motivation to self too. =)