Sunday, August 1, 2010

The V

I have an imaginary vase, where I used to put the flower of solace. Oh, how it used to console me during my time of despair. Anyway, recently, the vase was broken.

How it happened was a mystery. But I remember the night before I discovered the pieces. I sleep-walked and in my dream I was catching flying petals. It was a very strange dream indeed.

So since the very vase was broken, I thought of purchasing a new one… sadly it is one of its kind.. I could search the world but I know that there is no other vase like that… what makes it even worst is, I couldn’t glue the pieces together… trust me, no glue would ever work on this vase.

So I got two options now, either to mould it and make a new one out of it… this is very difficult indeed and the molded version may or may not be the same… or I shouldn’t be bothered about it…just purchase a different one instead…

After all, it’s just an imaginary vase. And it’s the flower that matters.



:: I plan to do an exchange.... a heart exchange, anyone?::


Faramidi said...

1. do u really sleep-walk or it's just metaphorical to anything anything?

2. u really have an imaginary vase??

wow. i really like this post. i don't know why.

KIAMBANG said...

hahah... nah, I never sleep-walk... but I do sleep-talk sometimes... hahaa...

haha... it's just a metaphor... but I might have had it at one point of my life... I have an imaginary version of pretty much everything...muahhaa... when I'm not satisfied with sth, I tend to imagine that I somehow *imaginatively* have a better version of it... it's pretty fun, u should try sometimes... hahaa.. but be careful... its a bit self delusional.

thanks for liking it!