Friday, December 31, 2010

This post is as good as deleted.

If Claudia Ghandi ended up having a garden which she could walk on forever, which in reality she never does since she'd be dead before 'forever'... I prolly already have my own several botanical gardens that supply all sorts of flowers all over the world which is abundantly profiting by it's continuous production all year round. I could be so rich that my wealth would be a great privilege to my great great great grandson, if it'd somehow properly managed by his father who'd potentially turn out to be the son of my son's son. 

Sadly, regardless whoever crosses my mind or frankly speaking 'I think about'... my brain doesn't seem to produce any flower, neither that my mum's orchids seem to bloom. all that I got is some sort of mutated brain cells which I can't quite figure out what sort of mutant they are since I didn't do biology when I was in high school. Anyway, I did like Cyclops in X-men albeit, Wolverine is still the coolest of the bunch, but if I were to be involved in a fight, I rather stay at the corner and fire up some lasers using my eyes than getting my nails dirty. oh ya, now that I've mentioned, could it be Cyclops amongst the audience? oh, that's completely off topic.

who the heck is Claudia Ghandi anyway? was it, Ghandi? Grandi? Gundy? Did Mahatma Gandhi have a daughter?

*uh, pish posh.* I should shake off the habit of googling random quotes to kill my boredom. 

apparently, I do sound a bit disturbed, ain't I? Heh, this is the downside of locking up yourself in a room all day long, not speaking to people much and only have the company of books.

somehow, I thank God that I'm not Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird. 

or maybe I'm better off as Storm in X-men, I can control the weather and ride the wind to wherever I wanna go. It's as good as teleporting you know. plus, having all white hair is kinda cool oso meh? ahhaaha.

Heh, I do wish I can teleport somehow. Still, I don't want my body to be disintegrated into some invisible particles though only in millisecond minute just to be formed at some other places. 

I better stop before I blurt out more nonsense. oh! by the way, what's your new year resolution? I still don't have any. -.-'

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