Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Love You

I get a free hug almost everyday.

I get a hug from a cute little girl who likes to say
'alaa tomei tomei tomei' when she watches Garfield.

This girl can stay up until 2-3 am in the morning watching cartoon...
drinking cold ice tea and eating bahulu.

Her dad called her Garfield for always lazing around, watching tv.

She speaks American english, but very lazy to read.
She cries if you forced her to study, albeit getting no. 1 in her class.

She is also lazy to speak. 
If you asked her too much, she'll say 'I don't knowwww...'
until you force her to answer.... 
then she'll say something, which always begin with 'oh yeah, I remember'

What a weird little niece I have... living in her own small world.



here's a cat, now scream said...

cat bilik jadi warna 'horrendous', pastu buat jadi 'background'. patut la pon...

KIAMBANG said...

patut la apa? tak faham.