Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I wear size 14!

It's a part of our fitrah that we are drawn to beautiful objects/sights. in fact, Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.

It's a part of being women, that we want to be pretty, wear fashionable clothes, have healthy skin, put on pretty make ups and have a great body.

I'm not so much into high-ends fashion and stuff, do mix and match all the times rather than trying to keep up with the trend, pretty ignorant sometimes... but I believe I have sound judgement when it comes to physical appearance, that includes, what-you-wear... I refuse to say 'fashion' as I said, I'm rather ignorant.

I always feel like it's an honor when people ask for my opinion about what they are wearing. Almost every member in the family does that once in while. I also give out opinion even when they don't ask, and they always welcome my views with open arms which makes me feel so happy and appreciated.

I may not be that stylish or fashionable myself, but I always try my best not to appear so out of place. On that note, I would like to share one thing that I ALWAYS remember.... a Malay proverb that says;

'Ukur baju di badan sendiri'

Sekian, Terima Kasih


Faramidi said...

i'ma a selekeh person especially when i go to class. my roomate even says i have a "uniform" for class because i always wear the same piece every other day. lolz. walking around uni believing people wouldn't notice. but they do! lolz.

KIAMBANG said...

it's not so much about being stylish. pakaian kdg kena sesuai dgn org yg pakai. kdg fesyen tu cantik, tp blum tentu sesuai dgn kita. it's a rule of thumb, fesyen utk cantik kena sesuai dgn org pakai. takpa faraha, pergi klas takyah dress up lebih2, nnt org lain takleh belajar.