Saturday, December 18, 2010

Come Find Me! Mermaid Prince

Just got back from Teluk Bahang, left my shoe there, hoping a mermaid prince will find it, pick it up and come to find me. It would be nice to live underwater as a mermaid. ho yeah, I still believe in fairy tale.

boo hooo... kidding. not that stupid yo. haha.

I believe we are responsible for our own happiness as much as I believe Cinderella purposely left her glass shoe. Things don't work the same for everyone though. 

What about, have a little faith and follow your heart?

and always, always.... always remember, Allah knows best. =)


april said...

the beginning is not as important as the ending.. or rather, the not-ending..

KIAMBANG said...

it's still good to have a good start. =)

april said...

well.. yeah, but nt as important as wat happens after..