Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why am I so EMO (Emosi Menguasai Otak) and OTC (Otak Tak Center) lately?!

1. The demolition of Pudu Jail enrages me. I might be a little behind in commenting about the issue… but I’ve been expecting more furious uproars from the public… does that 114 years old historical building have no meaning at all to us? At least a bit? Peeps, learn to preserve, not for the sake of a building… but for the history and memory… where are all Malaysian great architects and socialists? It was stupid, whatever the arguments were. The old blocks might be ugly, but is not about the pure aesthetic… it’s about the meaning… hello, great looking building might leave everyone in awe, but a meaningful building speaks to the heart… it makes us think and reminds us of something significant of the place… Btw, thanks friend for updating me about politik-alam-bina tanah air…

2. I subscribed to mstaronline on twitter and almost every week, there is a news about “dumping baby” and the news hence followed by such-and-such person admits or pleads guilty for the act… gaaaaaaaah… malas dah nak komen… but why is it so common these days? What’s going on over there? Hello home… you owe me an explanation.

3. I planned to go back home this winter, well.. wasn’t really a ‘plan’.. but I did consider about it… everyone around was talking about cheap flight blablabla…and I was so excited… but I cari-cari, tak jumpa ponnnnn… waaaa… rasa nak balik niiiii… Fine. I’m not going back.

4. I’m trying my best to cut down my caffeine intake… it’s for my own good, I know. But, God! It ain’t easy… I guess I’m addicted, blame it on Jarrah… but I think, it’s not really like an addiction because, if I don’t do work, I won’t really feel like drinking coffee at all… but these days, the works are piling up… so does my craving… haish!

5. I have a test on Friday. Second test in 4 years.. you hear me? Second test in 4 years!!! Yes. And I don’t even remember how to ‘study’… and the only thing that I did for the test was just printing out the about-60 pages notes… and I’m so freaking nervous here… but I’m not reading the notes because I have to do an animation for my design studio… tapi ada masa pulak update blog! Heh, diam!!!

6. I miss reading good-non architectural-books. Every week, I have to read pagesssss of architectural discourses (it’s a part of the studio requirement) and that really kills my ‘appetite’ to read other stuffs. Uwekkk! I’m sick! I have 3 lovely-books waiting for me… Hold on darlings…!!! I’ll get my hands on you soon. Hahaa…

7. I have a mid-semester crit next week on Wednesday. No further explanations required. I wonder what would they ask for the presentation when weekly presentation has already demanded for an animation. Kena buat movie kot… haha.. anyway, I need to do my best this time!

8. I didn’t get my Easter break. That supposed to be last week. Waaa… tak aci… I planned to visit the gallery and beaches…. Lama tak bawa diri…

9. My diet is a bit haywire these days. I’m not eating properly, abusing my stomach. Baloq.

10. OK, I’m going to stop here. SO the final one is, my heart. She refuses to listen to me these days. Nak kena ni!!!

OK, that’s all…don't cari-cari pasal aaa...  I’m EMO and OTC!!!


Anonymous said...

good luck and all the best.. :)

KIAMBANG said...

thank u!