Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's lame. It's LOVE

*This post was written under the influence of meth rush pineapple juice.

Hello world, Kiambang here would like to talk about something so cliché yet so significant to human life.

YES it’s the lame boring subject that makes the world go round. LOVE

Before I proceed, here is a few well-known obvious facts that I still want to mention it anyway
-the greatest love is from/goes to Allah SWT and His religion
-then to Muhammad SAW and all the prophets
-then to mother, mother, mother
-then to father

OK. Here is the bit that I want to talk about…
In discussing love, I must clarify what kind of love I’m talking about… so I’m talking about LOVE between a man and a woman…

… ok, this is so absurd… but I’m writing it… *gelong*

This morning, I read a statement, somewhere (source is purposely unmentioned)

“Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s also a decision”

………………………………………………and I’m so liking it….

I have this habit of analyzing, well, not really analyzing… but just having insight on things that I like/dislike. (I have a tendency to rationalize my feeling very often, if I like something… I’ll ask myself why and vice versa… pelik ka?”)

Anyway, so as I read the statement… a few things popped out of my head, well most of them are so irrelevant to be mentioned (and how I wish some were ideas that could be used for my design…too bad, none.. haish!) but… some, I suppose… worth sharing (maybe)

I guess there’s a lot of truth in that statement that really makes me tick.

Speaking for myself, I don’t believe in love at first sight… so love doesn’t just ‘happen’.. it grows… with time and efforts. That’s why arranged marriage could work. Anyway, I believe prior to LOVE… there is an infatuation or a strong temporary liking that happens for some reasons, maybe physical attraction, comfort, close contact…etc… then, when the feeling is pursued, it gives birth to LOVE…

For instance.

A man was walking down an electronic shop, suddenly, he saw a really nice and affordable video camera. He ‘belek2’ the video camera, then he felt “maybe I should get one” <--this is the point where the infatuation started… the man went back home and kept thinking about the video camera, he looked on the internet about the video camera (why am I using video camera as an example, its two words, maybe it should be a lamp instead) after reading a few articles about the lamp, he liked the lamp even more <-- his infatuation got stronger… then his brain began to speculate the answers for “why he should he buy the lamp”… he looked around and suddenly he felt his current lamp is too ugly, the light is too dim, besides the new lamp would help him to stay up all night long since the battery last longer etc2… so he decided to get the lamp. <-- yeah, he ‘decided’ to pursue his infatuation after a little contemplation. So, the man went back to the shop and bought the lamp. He brought the lamp back home and faced 2 potential consequences, first, the lamp is useful as he had thought, second it’s just a waste of money and effort… this consequence would hence influenced his next action, if it’s the first one, he would be satisfied and happy but if it’s the second one, he might still keep the lamp but live in resentment towards himself and the lamp or maybe he would sell it on ebay with a little loss.

So, the whole thing starts with the infatuation and the followings are based on the decision whether to pursue or not. In that case, the man is considered wise since he went back and contemplated on the idea of buying the lamp. A different man, might just buy the lamp hence post rationalize the decision and he would still have to face the same two potential consequences.

So, LOVE in a way is a lot like that. It begins with a temporary strong liking that only turns into love if the person allows it to happen. If the man went home and avoided himself from thinking about the lamp, the situation might turn out differently. What makes his infatuation grew stronger was because he went back and searched on the net and constantly thought of the lamp. He at the first place allowed himself to further pursue the idea of buying the lamp.

But, the example is slightly different to LOVE since the man had power (money) to get the lamp. But love is reciprocal. It demands mutual respond from the person who is loved. Tak larat dah nak hurai.

Anyhow, since love is something we decide, intellectual does play a big part. That’s why, the adolescents tend to act crazily upon their love. It’s simply because their lack of intellect has lead to a stupid decision. What happens after the decision aka LOVE is just the consequences. Or in short; stupid decision, stupid consequences. Tu yang ada ikut lelaki Lombok semua tu, kalau org tu cerdik… dia tak ikut.. sihir etc tu lain cerita la…

Tudia… panjangnya tulis ...Oklah, nak stop dah ni…

In a conclusion… hahhaa… esei apa ni? I personally think, to love is to make a very big life’s decision. It’s not something uncontrollable… it is within our hand, just like many other life’s decision, what course to study, what to eat blablabla… so we could basically apply similar approach in making this decision, alaaa… yang belajar masa kat skolah tu.. senarai pro n kontra etc…as well as duaa, istikharah etc… and what will happen with the decision we made as in, whether it becomes reality or not is another thing as we all knew that there is He, The Supreme Power above all. So, just be smart in making decision, be smart in LOVE…. So it will not lead to stupid consequences, inshaAllah…

Nak kena saman Golden Circle ni, berapa banyak gula dia letak dalam jus nenas ni… haish… OK!

nah ambik!



uglychase said...

"be smart in love", inspiring. i have this habit of listing thing in my head but it seems so difficult to write it down. you are just good in putting things into words. its like reading a "conversation".

uglychase said...
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KIAMBANG said...

heee... thank u uglychase, such a generous comment... most of the time I was just blabbering... XD...

Muaz Nabil said...

tudia...sekali hurai pasai LOVE. haha
very true. totally agree, once you decided not to think about liking/loviing someone, the feeling would go away although it may take a long time if long you had been thinking about it.
its totally your decision to LOVE or not to love someone or something.
Macam stngh orang kata "tak semua orang jauth cinta dgn ratu cantik". org suka sbb dia cantik, tapi x LOVE dia. :D

Anonymous said...

im big fan of power puff girl. i watched this episode before (4-5 years back) and it was really awesome!