Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey! It’s weekend! And all I really want to do is to snuggle comfortably under my warm duvet, pick up a good book and put on the sentimental playlist on my iTunes. A glass of milk and some snickers cookies would be a nice treat. Oh! How nice to be able to spend a weekend like that.

Also, if only I could spend my day just talking to my love ones… even just through phones… listen to their stories, without having to say “sorry kak long, ada lecture ni…ttyl” or “ayah, adik nak kena turun sat ni, ada perjumpaan” or “nak kena tidoq ni, esok nak sambung buat kerja” or without having to worry about the phone bills and internet data so goodbye doesn’t come too soon.. Oh.. How wonderful!


This is a super busy week. MID SEMESTER CRIT is on Wednesday… aaaaa! I’m so scared!

cakap tepon pun penuh anggun!

Anyway, things will get worse before they get better. I'm hoping for the best... inshaAllah.


Faramidi said...

hahaha, that lady is such a pose. anyways, good luck in whtever u do. sometimes we do want to pretend that everyday is a weekend right? i know tht. especially when i'm in the middle of the semester.

thot holiday is the best to just sleep2 and more sleep. (lemah gile). but NO! as i've mentioned in my blog, i've been having trouble sleeping. lolz.
aisy! enough of me though. haha.

anyway, all the best to u. =)

Anonymous said...

good lucks!

KIAMBANG said...

it is right, faramidi... haha... tgh2 sem ni slalu rasa mcm crawling, but at the end, u'll realise how fast time flies... haha..

thank u anom.