Friday, April 23, 2010



It’s Friday today… a strange one!

I was on my way to RMIT this morning, and as usual I was day dreaming on the tram since I got nothing to do except wondering about a few random things, but I suddenly noticed The Yellow Peril. In case some of you do not know, it’s a vault-like public sculpture installed somewhere in the 80s. Nothing is so strange about seeing it, in fact it has been there for so long as far as the internet is concerned… but I’m pretty sure, I saw it somewhere else before, and at a few other places as well… do they move the thing around? herm, all this while, I’ve been traveling back and forth via the same street but had never noticed it… it might have skipped my sight all this while but people said I got ‘good-eyes’ despite of their size…, how come I missed that striking yellow thing? btw, I only have good eyes when I’m mute!
The Yellow Peril

I went to the library to look for a book recommended by a friend, since the book did not interest me much, I went about for some other books just to later realize that I have been blocked from borrowing due to some fines… anyway, since I was in a hurry, I decided to forget about borrowing those books and went to the prayer room for zohor… on my way to the prayer room, I saw a dark haired girl with her bangs dyed in red… as my eyes caught the sight of her, my brain somehow processed it as an image of a hen, wearing a blue polka dot dress and a pair of boots… how strange! and I giggled! Others who saw me might have thought I’ve gone mad. Arghhh… how embarrassing!
Sorry, couldn't fine and exact photo of my imagination.

After the prayer, I dashed out to meet my friend Oya at a grocery… there is something about the way I walk I guess that always make me tend to trip at every approximately 100 steps. Yes. I’m so clumsy… that’s why sometimes I prefer to wear heels, because they make me more cautious about the way I walk… its true, I tend to trip more when I wear flats or pumps… anyway, accidents happen without notice… so today, I tripped my legs while walking down the stairs… but LUCKILY… my hands were quick… my right hand managed to fast grab the handrail while my left hand to the stone wall. The stone wall however bruised my palm. It wasn’t serious but somehow shook me to reality… I imagined, if somehow.. I did not grab the handrail and stumbled down, my face would have slammed and kissed the ground first. I was in the second step from top which means, it’s pretty high to get to the floor. It’s a steep steel staircase btw. It would have turned out to something horribly bad. It would have been my farewell. Oh God. Am I ready to meet You? However, it wasn’t embarrassing since no one was around. Heee…

The incident gave me quite a blood rush. I was in high emotion when I saw a couple about 50s adoring their youthful son. He and his wife were snapping photos of his son laying on the artificial turf. The expression on the parents face were like “we are so proud that we produce such a beautiful kid” and the son was like “look at me old man, I look way better than you do when you were young”…. I know, it’s purely my speculative mind, but that’s how it seemed. Haish, how you present yourself to the public always matters!

gah! what is this about?

Poor kid... 

And as I walked pass that ‘adorable’ family… I saw a young dad with his leashed son. you know... that bloody inhumane invention.. yes, the thing has been out for so long… I’ve seen it before somewhere and I read it on the internet about the safety and all… but for God sake! You make your kid seem like a dog. I might sound like.. vanity outweighing safety, but to me, it’s a domestic disgrace!. Poor kid. It gives such a dirty look. Knowing that the child is safely attached to him, the dad has a tendency to ignore the kid, making the kid seems so abandoned. What in the world are they thinking, do you think that kidnapper doesn’t know how to use scissors? That bloody leash is just some sort of fabric. Dear all designers, there should be some dignities in every invention. The emotion flooded in suddenly… when I have a child/children blablabla… you know, that sort of futuristic domestic thoughts…. Heheee…

So I eventually met my friend… we had a lunch at kopitiam and ended up talking about opening a restaurant oversea… it's plainly a ‘kopitiam’ talk… the nasi ayam was nice anyway, and I miss home so badly!

It was raining when my friend and I headed home. And all the way back, my mind wandered again, thinking about how much I hope for tomorrow while not knowing if tomorrow would come. And how many good things I’ve planned and planned but keep on postponing… so that there will a be ‘right’ date or a better day for it… but all these plans might just be in vain. And at one point, uncertainties seem to silence all my courage, but hey… nothing is certain but death. Hahaa… I don’t know how do I get to this point, it all seems so incoherence… but yeah, in every aspect of life… I'm feeling a little discouraged. I just somehow wish that, I’m more of a present-person..........cheeer upppp... cheerrrr up.... =)

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