Thursday, December 11, 2008


It reminds me of my desktop back in Melbourne where a 'HOPE' sticker is stuck onto my monitor. I find its true when people said that the best teacher in life is life itself. we learned through experiences and the best part is, it is real. I'm talking about good experiences or maybe not-so-bad experiences here. well, I'm pretty sure for a dark experience, we might rather wish for it to be a fiction or a dream..wouldn't we??? I'm not really sure about that, but i do learned lot of things through my bad experiences...maybe my bad experiences weren't really bad..

Anyway, life is full of hopes. When I think of hopes, i could feel that there is so much to live for, yet, i could still say, there is so much to die for. I love the fact that I'm a Muslim, therefore I would never loose hope. Faith and hope, do come hands in hands.

Architecture. Last months, I wrote about my working experience, since that, I begin to pay more attention toward Malaysian Architecture. I would say, this is one of my Quest for Hopes..hee.. I need some sort of motivation, so that i would be more motivated to walk on this journey, a journey to be an architect, inshaAllah.

Here is one of the hopes that I've found. Pretty mesmerizing. Putrajaya waterfront residential development. But, too bad that the project is by an Italian architect (Manfredi Nicoletti). Where are the locals???? By the way, Hijjas Kasturi is in the team yet, they are just taking charge. Herm...

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