Friday, December 2, 2011

A Waitress Does That!

I failed my first plan. ahaha! My previous post says today should be my last day working as a waitress/ kitchen hand. But, I didn't even get to tell the makcik that I want to quit. so, I'll be working tomorrow. Anyway, now that she makes me work only from 11am - 3pm, I guess it isn't so bad. but hey, I have only two weekends left. I should really tell her that I'm quitting.

Now, who says it's easy to be the one's leaving? ;p

*neighbor's amp is too loud, should I bang the wall?*

hhehe.. sorry for the intermission.

Dear readers,
How many of you have ever worked in a restaurant? or maybe currently working in one?

When I first told my friends that I'll be working as a kitchen hand, they were like
"what are you gonna wear?"
"you don't seem befitting for the job?"

funny aye... I however understand their remarks. I have to say that my wardrobes is rather fancy. Not that stylish though. But I love skirts, lacey, chiffon, satin and colorful clothing, which seem a bit too much and inappropriate to be worn while potong ayam sayur mayur, wiping kitchen top and tables, carrying dishes etc etc... but hey, I do have normal shirts as well... afterall, I'm just budak comot as some may call.

I think working in a restaurant, albeit for just approx 3 months taught me a lot. Here I'm sharing what I've got for being a kitchen helper and waitress.

1.  I acquire some quite useful kitchen skills, that includes how to sharpen a knife properly, peel off chicken skin and slice carrot quickly. Since I haven't really been cooking since I live in Malaysia Hall (we are not allowed to cook), my cooking skills has really gone rusty. Thus, it is good that I'm working at the kitchen. I sometimes 'jeling2' the recipes while the chef is cooking. The recipes yeah, not the chef.

2. I learn about the ethnic differences. It is normal that we see men eat more than women. But ethnic background influences that too. Somalians and some of the Arabs really eat a lot. I mean like A LOT!!! like, nasi tu berbukit-bukit. Kadang tu dtg kedai skinny mcm bilis, nasiknya minta bergunung. oh, yeah, it's a Malay-Singaporean Restaurant, so they serve Malay food.

3. I learn how to be nice to people, even when I'm tired, busy and moody. That fake smile and happy "hello, how are you today sir?" are pretentious... but somehow, it can cheer you up just as well. even temporarily. I find that it makes me happy when someone returns a smile and greets me back etc. That adrenaline rush when there are lines of people waiting to be served, in the nervousness of being a newbie, I'm continuously repeating how are you, how can help you and forcefully plastering a smile on my face... It makes me feel good.

4. I learn to say sorry more sincerely. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when you are new at something. I'm a lousy cashier, always make mistakes at keying in and remembering codes for the menus.But everytime I made a mistake, I said sorry... to the customers... and surprisingly, the locals, I mean orang puteh are more forgiving than many other races. oh, more on ethnic background.

5. Malaysians are not the most berbudi bahasa. This is quite related to the above point, and point no. 2 as well. I'm most happy at serving orang puteh. First, they say thank you. At the age of 24, I learned that being appreciated is one of the best feelings in life. And saying thank you does a lot of that. Bagi sudu ckp thank you, tunjuk air kat mana ckp thank you, ambik duit dari tangan dia pun cakap thank you. Dahla tu, senyum selalu. and as I said, they are forgiving too. Rarely they frowned if I did something wrong or made them wait. They'd accept my apology and say.."that's allright"... Ada jugak org kita berbudi bahasa... but meh! not that many though.

6. I learn about business here and there. Not so much though, but kinda gives a good insight of what it's like to run a kedai makan. since it's a small restaurant, the tauke turun padang, the kitchen isn't so big and I can pretty much here every business discussion they had... I think I've got something... ahaha.. what are they? hmmm... rahsia la...

7. Money doesn't come easy. My salary is hourly based. I'm beginning to compare every expense with the number of my working hour. ahhaha.. damn you capitalism! :D

Okay, I think that's all for now.. but hey... any of you can add to the list? Selingan, makcik tu masak taufu sedap laaaa. I think I'll miss her sweetspicy taufu.

should I become a full time housewife...
 I'll get myself a stylish apron. ahaha


Tina said...

Aunty Norsiah ke? Kalu dia, kirim salam k? In case dia tak ingat, just kata kawan Shakira :) I blank kedai mane tapi bila you mentioned tauhu.... oh yeah baby!

Oh dan I nak add satu point - though this is general knowledge la kot.

Omputeh makan nasik guna garpu. And they ALWAYS (at least in my experience) managed to clean up setiap butir nasik. I was impressed! (impressed sebab I tried that tapi mcm gagal je -- last2 amik gak sudu -_-')

Kiambang said...

Tadi ada pakcik ongputeh cakap melayu, pastu makan nasik bawa cili padi sendiri. makan banyak2. hebat sungguh.

kool kdg tgk depa.
hahah. ok tina, iA. nnt ckpkan.

Abu Usamah Mohd Masri bin Mohd Ramli said...

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sudah pandai masak ya :)