Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Tomorrow is my graduation day. There'll be a parade along Swanston Street in the morning and the ceremony will be held at Etihad Stadium in the evening.

I wish my family were here...

Is it bad to be a little envious of having seen friends with their family touring Melbourne and gearing up for the graduation? I guess it is, for it seems very ungrateful of me. Being able to graduate, even having the opportunity to study here, in Melbourne was a blessing.

So for tomorrow, I'll have Malaysia Hall assistant warden and his family and a friend to attend the event. well... four tickets, I was given. I'm glad still that there're people who want to go. ahaha.

But yeah.. it is not the same. I want my family here. it is impossible I know.

The whole world might give you all the attention you deserve, but when the person you care the most ignores you, nothing seems to worth celebrating.

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adahanz said...

mmg susah sungguhkan bila orang yg tersayang tak dapat lihat hari gembira ... 5 tahun akan datang mngkin saya akan mengerti... :)