Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love, we only have two weeks.

My memories are fragmented. 2 weeks left. This heart is as heavy as a mountain. I'm going to miss not just the place, but all the great friends I met. Who's to say that we will meet again? Not every opportunity comes twice. Hoping for a missing chance to revisit is the beginning of a regret.

Malaysia Hall Melbourne.
I will write more about this place. A place I never thought I would spend approx. 24 months of my life. Here, I met not just friends, but family. I'll remember this place... but most of all, I remember every happenstance.

As the saying goes;
"we do not remember days, we remember moments."

Mc-ing on MHRC Night (Malaysia Hall Biaanual Dinner)
Aishaah, an 8 yr old girl I have grown fond of in the last few months.
It is always so easy to love a kid..


blogwalker said...

I used to live in Melbourne few years back. Miss that place =)

P/S: Is that your boyfriend? =)

chimidama said... look so adorable! vintage :D

heading back home in two weeks ke?

Kiambang said...

blogwalker,thanks for 'walking' here. and... he is not ;)

shida! yes! im going back for good soon. hope to see u!!!

chimidama said...

wahh..just read your plan...and i was amazed..

so, in future 3-5 years, nak kerja dengan u ok as...

hehe...xsabar nak jumpala..

Kiambang said...

ahhaa.. sure! why not!
shida u kat mana skrg? jom2. nanti bulan satu nk g kl.

Anonymous said...

as u look different! u put make up on? :)