Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Lifebuoy

Hi, I'm updating again....

It feels like I've been literally living in the present these days, I live my life, as commonly say, going with the flow. Although, I don't live to the common understanding of the phrase, I once said to a friend, that we are the 'flow' of our life. As in, what happens about our life is predetermined by the things we did prior to a circumstance. Therefore, there's really no 'going with the flow' in which we often refer to a situation which we do not make decisions but rather succumbing to fate and go along with it. Deciding not to decide is after all a decision, a predetermination of 'the flow'.. urgh! am I making any sense? Anyway, all that I was about to say is I need to start making plans. 

Upon listening to a friend laying out his plan A, B, C, D, E.......Z, I feel like I need to start planning out my life rather than loitering around, solely waiting... waiting... waiting... for.. I don't know. a miracle?

To be honest, I don't feel like looking for a job yet. ahaha. But hey, what am I going to do with my time if I don't look for work. As I often say to myself, financially speaking, life is either making money, or spending it. I think every breath has a cost and benefit, since nothing comes free. The air is free, but the electricity, the water that you drink as you get exhausted breathing, eh!. ahaha. well. I'm being merapu. but you get what I'm saying. oh, btw, have you watched In Time? I think that movie is fantabulous!

So, other than working as a waiter/kitchen hand at a restaurant here, which I plan to quit after tomorrow, I need to start thinking seriously about my future. The time has come, to be a person, a useful one.

So I am laying out my plans here instead of scribbling in my organizer which will soon meet its end and being replaced, just to remind myself that I do have a plan(s) or more like aims. or is it  more like a things-to-do list. ahahah... anyway, here is all the above or whatever you wish to call it.

1) Quit working as a waitress
2) Email JPA for Elaun Tamat Pengajian (money! yeay!)
3) Finish up CV and Portfolio
4) Graduation
5) Job Search
6) Holiday plans, where to go and whatnot
7) Souvenir Shopping (see if its necessary)
8) Pack Up for shipping, second round! ahhaha
9) Balik Malaysia! (woohooo!)
10) Holiday in UK! (loooooooking forward!!!!)

11) Must start looking for jobs seriously!
12) Lapor diri di JPA
13) Find a job around Penang.
14) Tak dapat, then go to KL or maybe Singapore. eh!

Once dapat kerja and onwards......
Bekerja dengan bersungguh-sungguh menjadi manusia berguna... selama setahun... kumpul duit.... nak pergi...

15) Jeng jeng jeng.... SANTORINI!!! ahaha... okay, that's not the ultimate aim of couse.

16) I'm hoping, after 3-4 years, I can get an Ar. inshaAllah....
Ar Nur Asriah. aiceh... only then, I can really call myself an architect. :)

17) Ada rezki, cukup capital, ada partner atau investor... I'll be starting my on firm in 5-7 years inshaAllah.

Ada plan hidup yang tertinggal ka? Apa? Apa? Apa? eheheehe... oh, yang itu....
That one is difficult... who doesn't want it, but it's something I cannot plan alone, especially when you don't see anyone to 'ajak' plan along. ahhahaa. I think eventually, I'll go traditional. Mak said, I have a year. huh? so that makes the plan #279 ahahaa... apabenda mengarut ni.......

In general, the future seems uncertain but quite promising, the past was full of colors and the ugly ones are getting bleaker. The present is wonderful. I sometimes feel like, I have everything that I need for now... and a boyfriend is not needed, for those who had asked. ;)

After all, Allah SWT is the Masterplanner. My dear readers, spare me some duaas for my success and happiness. 

InshaAllah, inshaAllah...inshaAllah... he'll give us what's best for us. 

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