Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I fancy mum and dad's little talk in the morning, how they both sit on the garden swing... just talking. Mum, to her own interest- whenever in that mini garden of hers, she'd talk about her flower plants, one by one. she does it so naturally that you could tell she knows every single plant like the back of her hand. Dad would listen, attentively, though I know, he's not so much into it... I bet mum knows it, as much as dad tries not to show it... because after awhile, she'll ask about dad's vegetation. Oh, they both have green fingers...!

There's something wonderful about elderly couples... it's sort of the evidence of, -what's the saying?-"Time flies, love endures."

I want a love like that, a love that lasts. Ameen.

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Muaz Nabil said...

as time goes by, love also metamorphs into different shapes ^__^