Friday, January 7, 2011

10 Lessons from 2010

Faith and piety are for God to judge.
Caps and turban are turning into costumes these days.

How do rich people get rich? They are cheap!
(cheap  ≠ stingy)

Power is like lust. Once you taste it, you'll crave for more.
(even religious people are not excluded)

Inner beauty radiates, but not everyone can see it.
Poor those souls with blinded heart.

A gentleman doesn't 'act' like a gentleman, he lives like one.
There's sweetness in the demeanor (no no, no sweet talking)

Silence is one of the best 'temporary' solution.
Not everyone understands though.

Everybody loathes infidelity, but most people commit it.

The beautiful patience is mysterious and divine.
The tears are shed hidden, the pain is unspoken. No one knows, but God.

Love needs maintenance.
Sometimes it costs you more than you can afford. sigh.

Happiness is as simple as 'Alhamdulillah'


tina said...

Cantek. Sungguh cantek. Thank you As. This is beautiful.

KIAMBANG said...

thank u tina.