Friday, January 15, 2010

Fly Me to The Moon

It’s ringing in my head! I blame this on my dearest sister… Don’t feed me with that song anymore… I really feel like flying to the moon right now… gah! Anyway. Thanks heap for lending me your broadband, I owe you much!

Yes…. I’m so orang tua… I listen to classical songs… I listen to most of the time and sometimes to too... I listen to SM Salim and Ramli Sarip… P Ramlee, once in a while… I love channel no 555-History Channel (someone calls it channel takdak kaler)… Baju kurung is at the top of my fashion list (though I don’t wear it very often back in Melbourne)… oh and I wear a pair of grandma-glasses (my brother once call this sort of glasses spek-budak-sekolah-jahat-zaman-dulu)… I love classical books, be it Malay or English (though sometimes I do find them difficult to understand)… I read history books… I fancy and adore 19th century arts and architecture… I prefer pucuk paku (pucuk paku orang panggil apa dalam english?) rather than taugeh (bean sprout)!..hehe.. I don’t really eat dodol though…

Everything from the past has a significant meaning to me… it is what makes me who I am today… Nevertheless, one thing that I am sure of … I am moving on…. =)

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