Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I used to dream about you...

When we were young, we dreamed a lot. We dreamed for the impossibles, but those dreams are shattered or worn out with age.

As we grew up, we forget about our dreams…instead, we listen to the reality and live out life accordingly…. On that note, we proclaim our maturity.

When I was still riding my tricycle, I dreamed for the day I could ride a bike. When I got my driving licensed and started driving a car, I dreamed about flying a plane… but my second thought said that it’s ridiculous and would never happen. Then on, that dream never revisits.

When I was a kid, I never bothered about friendship, but I had a lot of friends. We fought and argued, but as a new day started… we were once again, friends.

Every individual is unique, or some might say ‘weird’… but I suppose, a different kind of personality attracts a different kind of people… nevertheless, never commit evils. Especially… for us, Muslims… we are the guided people!

“Be yourself”
That notion is a bit speculative as some might say that… if one is evil, he should not be himself. In a way, I could not agree more as human soul is prone to evils… But I suppose, it depends on how you define it too. I would personally not look at it from good and evil definition. It is more in personal characteristic, that many of us were born or grown up with. Like, sense of humor…

So the point that I’m getting at is…
When a humorous person tells a joke, very often, it is funny, but whenever a non-humorous person tries to be humorous… many times… He seems silly!

When I was a kid, I befriended with just anyone. But only some friends were really closed.
And… it never changes…

I don’t select people to be my friends… because I do not know how.

I have poor social skill but I enjoy talking to strangers because strangers often listen but then forget.

I’m amazed with a person who has a very unique skill in entering once life. He/she comes in such a unique way, possesses such a charming personality, speaks words of wisdom, thrives the other person broken dreams, a little bit arrogant in a way yet very charismatic… but this kind of person never stays… in fact, he/she is never real.

Did you realize that, the lower the lowest, the higher the highest?

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