Thursday, January 1, 2009


My Memory (Piano) - Yiruma
Engulfed by memories, I'm draping 2008 through reminiscing the past. For a moment, im so thankful for being able to survive through all the bads n goods of life. There were moments that i wish i could just erase from my history, yet i realize that those moments were somehow my best teachers. Through experiences, i knew life and i found my way to survive. Compared to others, i might be a little behind when i return to this track, but thank to Allah, it is not too late.

Reminiscing the past isn't as bad as some people might think. Many say that we should look forward and move on, i personally find, looking at the past is a good motivation to move on, just as good as dreaming of the future. Therefore, i, always turn back n reminise. My past lives in me, as long as im alive. Future, i am not sure, but i know the best is to live this moment at my fullest because, that is reality. However, it is better not to talk about those living memories but rather say what i have learned through those memories.

Have u ever experienced something like... u like certain thing, but u cant have it nor keep it, then the thing got stolen or broken or turned bad??? The moment that the thing has gone, u might feel disappointed or hurt...but once u contemplate on the matter, u will realise that is how Allah made it easy for you. Well, ya, I'm talking from personal experience...

What about sacrifices that u wish one would see but it turns out unseen or be misunderstood? Indeed if a sacrifice is not made for Allah, you will be in such distress. But if u straighten ur niah , inshaAllah...u will have peace and tranquility.

How about ur prayers which left unanswered, or perhaps, u dont realise that Allah has answered. Does it leave u feeling hopeless??? or it tells u to improve ur good deeds as we know that the higher one's piety the more likely that his prayer is to be anwered.

If I am to list all the lessons, the list will keep going on and on without ending..none of my intention to write a long post tonight, but the main thing i would like to mention here is, the hardness in life will eventually avail us if we believe that it is indeed, a test from Allah. Allah knows best!

I dont know if im still alive tomorrow, let alone a year..but I pray to Allah that 2009 will bring me bettterment in life.

"... And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know."
Surah Al- Baqarah 2:216

I leave with prayers for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Ameen.

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