Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well, 2 posts in a day... the reason is.. well, no particular reason, my previous post was on the world current issue and this is on my current issue.. it's a warm summer night which restrains me from shutting the window and makes the free melody from the jazz club next door sounds louder than ever... I was really trying to do my tech assignment, trying to figure out the structure and bla..bla..bla.. but sticking my brain on that for the whole day really exhausts, i decide to write a post...

Last night, i had a chat with a friend, Malaysian Chinese who is a christian, well, i consider him as a religious christian as he himself proclaimed that he is religious. Anyway, religious or not, that wasn't my main concern.. But, what was really provoking is that he proudly announced that he loves Israel. I know, everyone has own right to side in any side he prefers. But, for him who is, I suppose should be able to see right from wrong, shall be able to tell who is the villain and who is the victim. Thing is crystal clear. Even atheist could tell, let alone a religious christian. I'm not speaking rubbish, but i could see that in here rallies and marches are widely supported by non-Muslims. This is no longer just a religious issue, it's humanitarian.. How could someone who promotes love and peace sided with Israel. I guess, there are more people like him out there and I pray I'll never meet any of them anymore. Even though he said that he could see my point of view but i believe he is far from understanding it.

Last morning, I was alone watching news, there were news on the aftermath of Gaza's attack after Israel had widrawn their troops and seeing the clips of Palestinian weeping while burying their love ones really touched me to deepest of my heart and seeing mothers looking for children tangled under shattered building made me feel even worst. I burst into tears, luckly I was alone, so no one could see. My body and soul full of hatred towards Israel. InshaAllah, it will not only be a feeling, I will do my best to help them. There is a lot of things one could do to help. Donations, rallies, boycott and pray. Please my brothers and sisters, this is the time to recite qunut nazilah in our prayers. Over 6o years of illegal occupation of Israel, but the world kept on turning blind eyes and deaf ears on the issue. This time around, thing should be different, actions shall be taken. I can beleieve how one could wake up every morning without thinking about this.

I remember what did my friend say, people out there is dying because everyone is subject to death. But to me, the way one die really matters. Yes, he is right, everybody will die. But not by being massacred, not by getting blown up n shot in front of love ones, not by being slaughtered like animals. Allah.. Gimme strength to help my ummah...

Homesick. Well, a 3rd year student shouldn't feel this way. But I am. It has not been a month since i returned from Malaysia, but I already miss home. Terribly. I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but sometimes I really feel like it is the first day being sent to a hostel..owh, still vivid. It was like yesterday. The only different here is that, I don't cry in the shower anymore. Haahaa.. Anyway, time flies really fast, if 9 years ago feels like yesterday, 2 or 3 years ago??? Whatever it is, I pray that someday I can wake up and see the independency of my ummah and my brothers and sisters all over the world could live in peace without any oppresion, just like all the black people seen their American dreams come true today, maybe even better. Ameen.

Currently reading Where the street had a name by Randa Abdel Fattah. By the way, pok-kam, Ive seen the book that u've suggested..interesting..but I shall wait for the prize to dive... I bought books on bargain... hee..

AND..yaa.. i need to improve my English....grrr Anyone willing to tutor me???

p/s: to my housemates, thanx for the internet.. sorry that i wasn't helping much :)


ms ct said...

wei apa kaitan ngan ibtihal post ni?............

~Ki@MbaNg~ said...

takda saja buh...hehee.. comel x?

ms ct said...


Anonymous said...

meh nak tutor..
it should be 'louder than ever', nt never..
sekian pembelajaran hari ni.. :)

~Ki@MbaNg~ said... itu je kot. byk lg salah tu...anyway, I'll correct it.. n, would u mind at least use a pseudonym..

Anonymous said...

erm.. 'i'll never met'.. supposed to be 'i'll never meet'..
n i dont understand y u used terrifically. terrific 2 bkn sgt bagus ke?
yg laen2 2 ok je.. just a few spelling n tense errors.. .. 'i'll never met'.. supposed to be 'i'll never meet'..
n i dont understand y u used terrifically. terrific 2 bkn sgt bagus ke?
yg laen2 2 ok je.. just a few spelling n tense errors..
ur english is quite good actually.. :)
err.. pseudonym? xpela.. anon
ur english is quite good actually.. :)
err.. pseudonym? xpela.. anonymus is way cooler.. :)

~Ki@MbaNg~ said...

hah?! owh ya, i suppose 'met' was spelling error, i didnt notice that.. i drop huruf now n then.. thanx.. ow ya.. terrible.. not terrific.. wrong word... n, i cant help that part, really useless at spelling.. its such a shame for someone studying in Oz to have a horrendous english like xpa nk blajar xleh malu... if u dont mine, add me at MSN

Anonymous said...

erm.. insyaAllah.. i'll add u..
tp, sy jarang online.. just now n then, skali skala..
anyway, i like ur blog.. dr segi content n also gaya bhs.. ad ciri2 kesusasteraan g2.. huhu.. kip it up..