Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adios Amigos Ambiguous Ambiguity! (Ignore the title as well as the post)

Hello stress my old friend, I come to live with you again!

Now, the school has commenced… workloads flooded in like a storm… By the way, it was my first time experiencing a hail storm yesterday… I never knew that the hailstorms produce a sound like an orchestra of castanets… it was indeed a little scary, but calming in a peculiar way… how unusual! But I heard that quite a number of people was injured by the hails… luckily I was home all day yesterday…

It’s been raining these few days… My, how I love a rainy day… it’s just beautiful and calming… I was caught in the rain during my site visit last Friday… But, instead of finding a shelter to wait for the rain to calm, I umbrella-less just walked through it…seriously, it made me feel so good… btw, It was raining lightly, “cute-rain” as Oya would say… It wasn’t like, pouring… I’m not stupid to get myself all wet… though I’m a bit eccentric ,maybe… haha…

I have this obscure assignment regarding ‘ambiguity’… I was too absorbed by reading and thinking on this particular issue that I started to feel everything around me is so ambiguous… I started to feel more and more uncertain regarding many aspects of life… (maybe this is why some ulama’ consider studying philosophy as makruh) I suppose, other circumstances/events that happened around my life might as well contribute to that… also, maybe… those days, I was a little ignorant… but having an understanding of the idea of ambiguity shakes me to reality… Oh my… suddenly I feel tomorrow is so blurry… suddenly second thoughts is just as important as the first thought!

Nonetheless, Alhamdulillah that I’m a Muslim… On top of all the uncertainties that I might feel about life, there is a faith in me. Not the kind of mutual faith between creatures, but a faith upon the Creator and His perfect religion, Islam… It is doubtless, vivid and strong… inshaAllah.

Therefore, the mystery of life, it’s ambiguity and all would not discourage me to move on but would only make my dependence to my Lord strong and everlasting, inshaAllah. Dear tomorrow, you could be as ambiguous as you please, but I would work and supplicate to my Lord who created you, to make you a better day for me and make me a better person for you. Ameen.

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