Friday, February 12, 2010

Buh-bye home!

I’m leaving for Melbourne very soon. It is hard to lift this heaviness of my heart. Through many years that had passed by, I still don’t deal with separation very well. It is a great sorrow for me to part with my love ones. Still go I must.

Anyways, whatever or however I feel usually is temporary. I’ll be okay once I resume to my hectic student life. I do miss it somehow… Being idle for too long isn’t good. As I reflect on my summer holiday, I did nothing much except, hanging wallpaper, reading and nannying. But I surely did a lot of thinking… Even about things that I never even thought of thinking…

As usual, prior to my leave, I would have a final shopping which usually is a series of mall tour that occurs for a few consecutive days… hehe… OK, due to that I’ve been going to the malls these few days, there are many promotions for two upcoming events, Chinese New Year and Valentine. Waaa.. it adds to my dreadfulness that I have to leave on Chinese New Year. Nak raya jugak!

However, what is this Valentine Day? Well, I don’t find any need for me to answer that… I’ve been hearing speculations and rejections of that very day since forever. Read this fatwa for further knowledge. There is a clear-cut that it is Haram, not my opinion… but our scholars’.

So my dear fellows and friends, it is never our culture to begin with… and there is no need for a special day to show our love towards our love ones… Love is an everyday thing. When you love, it shows…

Two more years to get to a real start… For many reasons, I wish these two years will fly fast. Ameen.

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