Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Can I get to know u without going through a lot of religious talks?"

First of all, thanks so much for pointing it out.. I never knew that I do that all the time until u said so. Sometimes, I'm still shy to pray on public especially around uni...I still feel disturbed when someone passed by me when I was praying on the corner of level 12 staircase... I still wonder what do people think seeing me 'kissing the ground' as that what they always say.. when I'm indeed prostrating to the Lord of everything above, on and below the ground... But I'm happy to know that I still have such guts to talk religion though, I think most of the times I do that unintentionally...

But I do feel bad, because I didn't find myself having an appropriate answer when u threw that question to me.


Have u ever felt so close or connected to someone, whenever u eat good food u'll think of her, hoping that she can eat it too.. whenever u listen to good music, u wish she will listen too.. whenever u have good times, u want her to be around.. and u willing to suffer for her, to live and to die for her... u think of her in ur sleep.. and eventhough she is not around she is there in ur heart...? Maybe.. it's hard to imagine such a fond connection to human.. but my religion to me.. is beyond that~

One thing that u need to know... when u said "I just think that on a daily basis u do live according to seeing whats around u as well, unless u tell me u abstain as much as possible, ur ambitions,ur desires,which i believe u still have despite being someone religious..."

My religion includes everything, every single aspect of life... and we muslims must enter this religon holistically.

YES, I do have ambitions, desires, interests etc.. I'm not an angel, so I can't refrain myself from having those and my religon does not ask me to do so but instead, it gives me guidelines.. how to control those.. I do get a little overboard sometimes.. but because I'm connected to my religion.. I'll find my rational, I'll find my way back... I live according to my religion and everything I see or feel can be ralated to my religion...


I don't know if I consider myself religious... as I'm still lacking of many religious aspects.. I wasn't born as a sinner.. but nobody but prophets can abstain from sinning... since in Islam.. if one does good its for himself and vice versa.. I have to repent and nobody could sacrify himself to clean up my sins.. but I'm on my way and trying to be as religious as possible...

I'm not bluffing u with all my religous talk... and remember how this discussion came up at the first place... Its just simply because I say my God knows whats in my heart as He is closer than veins... yes, I spoke a lot about my religon to u before.. u might somehow get pissed off.. but do remember well those days... u also like to talked about Christianity.. throwing ur views.. I have no problem listening.. I respect though disagree... No doubt, u did the same too... but, if u think then I talked religion because we specifically opened up our discussion for it.. u're wrong... I just want u to know, that we muslims.. talk about religion not just in the mosque or in an islamic conference or whenever we specify out time to do so.. but we relate our life to this beautiful religion just anytime, from any aspect...Islam isn't just a religion, it's a way of life.. Secularism is a NO NO NO...

Okay.. so.. here I go.. preaching?.. maybe.. but I'm just shooing off the muddy cloud.. so that u could see me.. this is me.. who talks religion all the times... If u want to get to know me.. I guess u already knew... I'm inseparable from my religion.. otherwise, I'm no longer myself...

p/s: dear my muslim brothers and sisters.. happy ramadhan.. may this ramadhan be the best ramadhan ever~ ameen

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A Nisa As Sobbahunnur said...


1.u pinpointed da gud point of da issue thre.

2.ppl might look religion in the way dat it is separable from life which is in reality it is not.

3.religion is not merely a religion as some might say its a doctrinate principle,islam is more to the natural disposition of humanity.i cant see any disagreement in it.even i'd rather say islam fits humanity perfectly.

4.if one do not want to practise anytg from da holy al-Quran or da prophet Muhammad pbuh,then its not about the religion,its about da entity him/herself..dat entity who is gifted wiz senses by God has 100% freedom to choose,it juz da matter of willing or unwilling and wanting or not.(in line wiz his/her own wisdom & knowledge)

5.God stressed out in His kalam,dat He imposed no diffuculties on u in religion,refer 22:78.,God added dat He nver burden any soul byond its means & no one will suffer injustice,refer 23:62

anyway,thanks cik as for da issue.may ALLAH bless us all~