Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Wishlist

I am really really really bored.... I want to read a book, but my eyes refuse to do so... I need to correct my article.. yet... not really sure how to... I want to eat, but I'm not hungry... I've been writing a puisi though but it sounds too melancholic..So I'm not going to publish it... Hence, I end up blogging nonsense.. hee~

Things that I want to do/be/have in this life
(for once, my wish list will exclude things related to architecture, otherwise it will be too long) ~

1. jadi budak baik
(merangkumi hidup selepas dan perkara yg sewaktu denganya yang tidak patut dicanangkan)
2. jadi penulis lirik
(I have this dream since I cant remember when, I really envy my brother... he stole my dream)

3. menerbitkan antologi puisi
4. learn how to draw and paint properly especially portraiture
5. be very proficient in english
6. run an ice cream shop
7. run a muslima boutique
8. build myself a mini semi-classic malay house close to a beach
9. a big shelf full of miniature collections
10. a mini private library
11. a 4x4
12. find true love
(ohoks.. I'm not against the idea of arranged marriage, I just think its great to "find" it myself..anyway.. I'm not into the idea of out of wedlock relationship..)
13. tour to europe, japan, egypt..maybe around the world
14. a romantic helicopter ride..heee~
15. a dessert fiesta where I can eat all marvelous dessert and sweets
16. receive a beautiful song/poem/painting specially composed just for me
(for good reason)
17. be an expert in human psychology without having to go through any formal course..hee
18. grow a sunflower farm
19. own a tea house & be a tea expert
20. find a secret place where nobody could find me...

Okay, I stop at 20... I know that all the above might sound a bit unrealistic... and also make me seem kind of selfish (semua ini idaman diri ini..isu dunia nanti buat senarai lain) ... but sometimes.. we just need to live our dreams, who knows what tomorrow will bring..


Anonymous said...

apa itu 4x4?

~Ki@MbaNg~ said...

pacuan empat roda

Ariff Arifin said...


~Ki@MbaNg~ said...

encik aris tiup apa?

Ariff Arifin said...

dekat mengkuang ada pantai ka? :p

~Ki@MbaNg~ said...

saya tak kata pun kat mengkuang encik aris!