Friday, June 19, 2009

Me thinks....

Lately I've been thinking.. a lot.. too much, maybe.. about.. too many to list down.. anyway.. sometimes, I still feel like I'm living on a dream.. being able to study architecture.. it is a blessing for me.. such a shame to mention how ignorant I've become to ignore this blessing by keep complaining on the obstacles of this course eg; workloads and etc. whilst, I have friends who don't get a chance to do what they really want to do.. and on the other part of the world, some people with talents and intelligence greater than mine don't get a chance to have any proper education.

InshaAllah.. by His Will and Mercy.. at the end of this year, I will graduate for part1... not yet qualified to be an architect (I have to finish another 2 more years), but i suppose should be able see well what this architecture realm is about.

After so much thoughts...and talks.. i start to feel an unbearable burden on my shoulder. Architects, as many would see, might just seem as a bunch of people who design buildings and famous architects might be those who design 'great' buildings. That's pretty much it. But,architects aren't just designers... we are the environmentalists, revolutionists, socialist, functionalist, mentalist and many more... and being a Muslim.. the burden weighs more because the doings ain't just for here in, but also for here after.

How to be an architect who balances herein and hereafter?

Perhaps, I can't really answer this well.. but I know one little wonder that somehow is keeping me on the right track.. Islam is a perfect religion.. none single thing is excluded which means architecture is apart of Islam.. not Islam is apart of architecture.. therefore, i completely disagree with the branding of certain particular styles as Islamic Architecture... which most of them are very tangible, materialistic and middle-easterned. I'm currently writing a proper article on Islamic Architecture (senibina Islam) according to my interpretation and opinion, but it's in Malay because my English is horrendous... I will inshaAllah publish it if I feel, I should do so.. heeee..

Okay.. on top of all, I really look forward to serving my country... amongst many, Allah has selected me and some of my friends to be sponsored by jpa, have an opportunity to study here and I realise what it really means, at least to me..I know that I bear a great responsibility to my people (chewaahh, 'my people'..oro)... anyway.. I seriously hope, I could do more than just 'serve'... I really want to be a revolutionist who could preserve many good things that our society has and change all the bads, and I also believe.. becoming an architect gives me a lot more chances to do that.. how??? hahahaa.. -rahsia-

However, there is one little thing that worried me so much... I've heard and witnessed many graduates who were so enthusiastic and full of spirit.. fuller than spirit of stallions.. when they were studying.. but once they graduated, get a good position, have a great family... all the dreams and ambitions either deviated or blown by the wind... I wonder why.. haish... may I not be amongst those...

I really have a lot to say on this.. but maybe.. I should just stop for now... will write more soon, inshaAllah..


Pok Kam said...


It's ok to ponder about ourselves once in a while. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you may worry yourself sick whether you'll be able to meet all the expectations expected of you and not to mention other obligations too. Not to worry as all will fall into places as He wills it.Insyallah.

All that is left for us to do is to work hard, to always PRAY to Him and hope for the best.

Cheers! :)

~Ki@MbaNg~ said...

Wslm.. Ya, thanks so much pok kam...really meaningful... i will, all my best work hard inshaAllah...