Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And Today, The Boss Was Mad.

I had a hard time at the office today. The boss was mad at me. 

However, I learned one valuable lesson.

No matter how hard I try, or how much confidence I had, I need to stop myself from pushing too hard. I have my limit and still have heaps to learn. I should not rush into doing things or trying to do everything at the same time. Take things slow, not too slow that I would be left behind... but slow enough to avoid choking while chewing and digesting all the new experiences and information. 

I made mistakes. I admit it. I believe admitting your mistakes is a step towards maturity. What's next? Be responsible? If you broke something- fix it, If you lost something - find it, If you took something - admit it, If you hurt someone - apologize, If you love someone - tell her. Ops! haha.. the final 'If' may or may not be a mistake. 

What was my mistake? I overlook a structural discrepancies between engineer's and architect's construction drawings causing some funny! 3000 mm cantilevered heavy slab without a proper reinforcement. I should have chased the engineer to come out with the correct drawing before the beams and slabs were casted on site but I was too occupied with some other projects and I totally forgot about it. I took the blame. 

So the whole evening I held a mesyuarat tergempar with the engineer and site staff trying to figure things out. Actually, it wasn't very tergempar because I needed to take a deep breath, calm down, drink coffee, re-evaluate the problems, shut off the emotional turmoil, go to the toilet yada yada... haha... but sitting down and discussing calmly is the key to solving almost any problem. 

p/s:  Dear someone, I wish I could talk to you and tell stories, but it's impossible, right? 

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