Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rambut Sama Hitam(?), Hati Jangan Hitam.

There is a huge different between rightfully fulfilling a task through the power/position given and fully but merely exercising power over a situation. Yes I am stating the obvious. Although, the one who commits the second often claims to be doing the former.

In the eighth month of my job, I was thrown in at the deep end.  I was assigned a rather difficult and complicated task.  But, Alhamdulillah, I'm not alone. I have a good mentor at the office.

Sometimes, what I like about my job is meeting people. Although, most of the times, it gives me headache. By virtue of meeting, knowing and learning about others, it tells how different we all are. How we all have our own eccentricities, that sometimes we don't even realise but seen through others' eyes. Many of us who seem to be working in the same field, going through pretty much the same routine, be at the same place, speak the same language can always have different intention, dreams and means of doing/achieving something. The nice and nasty moves, known only to oneself and Allah. 

I'm trying not to stereotype people based on the organisation they are working. I believe there is just as much hanky panky in the private sectors as much as in the government. Only, when you claim yourself to be working for the people, you by default open up yourself to be judged by all, the people. It is difficult, to turn a blind eye on something so obvious, like a row of officers lining up their helmets and handbags to book a turn to punch out their time card, or someone who snoozes and snores behind your back and only wakes up to accuse you of being spoon feed for asking him/her to be cooperative and responsible.

I am asking Allah to make me a responsible person. Perhaps someday, should I be given a position and power, I will do justice and fear The Day I shall be judged. Amen.

oh ya, semoga kita semua dijauhkan penyakit tak boleh tgk orang senang. atau dengan kata lain, dengki. tak kira jua di mana dan siapa diri kita. Amen.

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