Friday, May 25, 2012

Teeth Gone Wired #3

Teeth have been making significant improvement. It's exciting to see. I have to say that all my upper front teeth are now aligned, my protruding incisor has nestled almost perfectly into the gap where a premolar was extracted. The whole set are now needed to be shifted to the right to close another gap and centralise the whole bunch. My bottom teeth seem to move a bit slower than the upper set resulting my two front teeth to stuck out a bit, making a bottom overbite. I hate to see my lower lips jutting out, not so much though, people don't seem to notice or don't even care to notice this minor change of my lips, I tuck in my bottom lip sometimes, like a fat person with pooch belly tucking his tummy to appear slim.. haha... anyway, this would be temporary. InshaAllah.

The orthodontist has placed some funny thing across my bottom brackets, it hurts so much for a few days, almost a week. Its like the first week of having the braces on, the pain has resided now. Here's a picture of the funny thing in my bottom bracket. I forgot to ask the orthodontist what it's called, I shall ask in our next appointment. 

See that white thingy on my bottom teeth. Its like rubber or maybe some elastic plastic. I don't know.

Oh yeah, I forgot, at every appointment, the orthodontist will remove the arch wire, examine the progress of your teeth, and sometimes she will apply a different size arch wire. I suppose, the thicker the wire the higher the pressure... and as you readers might have thought, it can make you teeth ache until they have gotten used to new pressure. So the other day, my ortho has applied a really fat wire to my upper teeth. It is said, albeit the pressure, thicker wire is applied more to refinement rather than for alignment for the pressure is somehow too much to move the teeth. I don't know to what extent its true, I might have read it somewhere. But the fact that the ortho applied it after my teeth have pretty much aligned kinda fit in the whole story. haha. OK peeps, that's all for now.

Regardless the pain and money. I think seeing the progress makes the whole process feels worth it. *wide smile*


nn said...

damn right! it hurts like mad. can't remember when was the first time i had those on. but it's all gonna be worth it kan in the end? kan? hope so. hehe

Kiambang said...

yeah, i hope so. can't wait for the suffering to end. ahaha