Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meeting Suppliers

I like meeting suppliers, how they often try their best to convince me they got the best in their line of production. I like the way they look confidently into my eyes hiding their indignant of the doubtful air echoing in my every inquiry. I like the persuasiveness in the tone of their voice, how they get defensive sometimes to the extent they slyly yet professionally belittle other comparable products that I've never heard of. I like the cheerfulness in their smile, albeit for my faux admiration which I habitually give...and I'm getting better at it. I know that they know, the decision is still mine. That I can choose not to use their products regardless what the say and they are competing with other suppliers I might have met before who had probably won me. But they try their best still. 

All in all, I just simply enjoy learning of new products and meeting enthusiastic people who have firm believe in what they are doing or at least that's how they seemed. and most of all, I like being persuaded. ;)


chimidama said... thats so true..where do you work actually dear?

we shall meet..

Kiambang said...

shida! I'm working in Penang, meh la holiday.. haha. u, wherebout on earth are u?