Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Rich Girl. Not.

I have never really been a fan of big brands. Mostly because I can't afford it, and, maybe it's due to me being quite a cheapskate when it comes to buying certain things. My impulse buying betrays me sometimes, although most of the times, I'm rather  fussy with my choice, and very often on quality and appearance rather than brands. 

However, I rather go for a brand-less or a more affordable brand than using the fake ones, be it handbags, shoes, clothing, electronic devices etc, no matter how close the item resembles the originals. There are plenty of them, all sort of brands, Louie Vuitton, Ferragamo, Chanel, Beats by Dr. Drei (<--- recently found in a shop close to my office) and here in Malaysia, all the fake ones are sold everywhere even in a big supermarket. As per say, I rather wear Asadi than fake Adidas. Or carry a handbag from Nose than a faux Coach. Same goes to Converted Mitsubishi Lancer, which originally was Proton Inspira. 

I don't know what makes others buy it. But when asked to come along to stores that sell those things or even just to browse through, I find it difficult not to give condescending remarks about all those products. Thus, I prefer not to tag along, especially when I am with those who often... "looks! it's Gucci, who cares if its fake, it looks real" =.=

Ok, I made up the dialogue, but usually it's something along the line.

This is not a call to succumb to capitalism by always aiming to buy the original hi end brands. I think, now that I'm working, money seems to carry different value and there should be some dignity in consumerism. We need to embrace the reality, of things we can't afford to have, of our true life standard. Using a brand-less item doesn't make you less of a person, a fake one kinda does. People can actually notice you know. Have some respect for your money.

Apparently, albeit my Chinese blood, I'm not ready to live in China.

Oh btw, speaking of money, out of all people I've talked about it, only one person who has so far reminded me to give charity. To you, thank you. I wish to always be reminded of that.


nn said...

samalah. rather wear unbranded items or thrift than wear fake stuff. unless it's a gift. can't do anything but try to appreciate.

Kiambang said...

yeah, true also. ahaha.