Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Pavement Talk

Honey, tread wisely, there is a crack in the pavement. or there was. 

Remember, there was a tsunami, it hit this place when we were sleeping and how we woke up at different places. It took mountains and oceans for us to find one another. It was long long long time ago. Perhaps a thousand years from yesterday. and yesterday was...oh how I could not remember, or I wished to never remember. 

Honey, tread wisely, there is a crack in the pavement. or there was.

Hairline crack does not widen, its merely a hair line, they say. you cannot see from a distance... like a white hair blackened, its hidden. you could dye or you could lie. It's okay, we'll get a specialist to fix it. Have faith. It could never be perfect, but could always be fixed. They say, we must learn to bend without getting broken. Have faith.

Honey, tread wisely...

...we are in no hurry. 

Some days, like yesterday, the sun shone so brightly like diamonds in heaven... our feet barely touched the ground. Who cares what happened to the pavement. But honey, on days like today of yesterdays, it rained. Tread wisely, our feet were slippery. Like many rainy days before, we prayed in silence and walked with caution, for there is or there was, a crack in the pavement.

Honey, have faith. Let knees be broken, or feet get swollen... but we would never let the crack gets widen.

This is our road to heaven. 

Promise me, we'll tread wisely for there is... or there was...........

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