Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Letter to Asriah

Dear a sixteen year old Asriah, 

How are you doing? How is school. I believe moving to a new a school ain’t easy. Everyone treats you like a junior even though you are now in form four. I know you won’t listen to me, but the guy who keeps sending you letter would bring you no good. Keep your head in its place. Ignore all the silly signals from the opposite sex. They are only approaching maturity you see, ah and so are you, I forgot. 

Oh yeah, let me introduce my dear self to you. Yes, I am dear to you indeed. I am your 25 years old self. Almost 25 really. As you might have guessed it’s year 2012. March 18th. So it’s still months away to our birthday. 

Things would change the way you never imagine, except for your size. Petite as ever, that’s your fate my dear. You can still fit in the exact baju kurung you’re now probably wearing. Unless you change your eating habit, I don’t know if it’d help though. You know that one student they often say bears a great resemblance to you, you despise it so much for you dislike to be associate with anyone. Have you seen how he looks like btw? I can’t quite recall when you would eventually see him. Anyway, I prefer not to tell of him, yet.. so you won’t anticipate anything. So yeah, at the age 25 you’d realize life can be quite funny sometimes, that dreams can come true, so do nightmares. You’ll meet many interesting people, trust me. So I remind you not to sell your trust and fall in love just yet. I know you won’t, just saying out of responsibility, you see. There are things that’s still the same though, other than your size, Palestine is still under the occupation of Israel. US is still as powerful as ever, and Saddam had died btw, ah, don’t tell mak just yet. She’d know eventually. 

Here is the reason I am writing to you. I am glad to inform you that the dream that you once had in your head full of doubts, has now come true. You are an architect. Unbelievable I know. Remember, last year, your last year of course, how would you remember my last year when you haven’t been there yet? Yeah, when you were building a straw tower or some sort, a thought crossed your mind, that lead you into choosing this path? The thought about becoming an architect. Hey, you did it. I mean, you will eventually did it? The sentence doesn’t make sense, does it, but you get what I am saying, do you? 

All the matters in your life seem to fall into its place, slowly they do. Just to give a realistic insight, you are not earning that much just yet. I have just started working over a month ago. But at this point, life feels if not fabulous, I would say full of gratitude, good. Alhamdulillah. 

Enough for now. See if I would write to you again. Don’t hope for it though, I’m sorry to tell you that I rarely miss you, or ever wish to turn back time and become you again.. Take good care of yourself. Don’t take too much sugar and drink more milk. Play in the sun sometimes, for in three years time you’re gonna miss it… 

You would grow up well. So Be happy and grateful, Asriah.

It would sound narcissist if I say I love you. I love you anyway. ;p

The 25 yr old Asriah.


kucing gengster said...

hey young as,
old as is now gemuk and is now wearing braces, which she says hurt. so maybe she wished u bumped into a pole n break ur teeth n replace with false ones so she can magically wake up n say,"wow, gigi elok!"

ok thats for now. oh, winned of 4D number at 31st dec is 5467.
btw, have i told u, u got gemuk.


Kiambang said...

young asriah,
I tried to spare you the news,
but its pointless now.

The person I mentioned in the post has turned into a cat. so at the age of 25, you no longer have to worry about being his twin sister.

and please don't worry, you only seem gemuk from a cat point of view.