Friday, March 30, 2012

Of Forgiveness and Offences.

A crime in the eyes of law is a pleasure in the heart of a hooligan. oh well, maybe she/he isn't really a hooligan... maybe he/she is just a desperado. A desperado cherishes everything, for he got nothing.

Dear people, I have a curiosity. or to be exact, something I wish to learn. Should there be a manual, I'll throw an investment onto it... and there is no law, no hooligan no desperado.

Only a heart seeking to understand...

How do you forgive an offence that is about to be committed against you, knowing that you would never be able to forget it? Should anyone reading this have any idea on how to do it. Prey tell, for I've been trying my heart out... just, to understand why should there be a forgiveness at the first place when there wasn't an apology.

Maybe there was... an apology.

Saying "sorry" sometimes is just a custom. Like, "I'm sorry sir, you stink!" That's not a real apology. It's just a 'proper' way of telling a hurtful truth. Perhaps, sometimes you could sense a tinge of sympathy in such revelation. But very often, in the aforementioned situation, I believe the concern is the nose of the person disclosing the truth. Poor stinky man, you stink!

Hang on. This is a different story all together. Take this, would you let anyone trample on your beautifully blooming garden with a promise that things will grow back as usual. How usual is usual and how long do you think all the lavender and roses would take to grow and bloom. one whole year maybe? maybe you would have to wait for the next spring... and maybe it's a forthcoming spring of a distant future, a spring of a year prior to the summer which you disappear. Even the thought of trampling on someone's garden is unforgivable. 

Ah! here's a complicated heart bickering against a rational mind. Be forgiving, they say. Yes, sure. Yes, will do. I guess what it really takes is a blatant devotion. This is when my second thoughts get loud. 

There is no law no hooligan no desperado.
Only a heart seeking to understand and to be understood.

chewaaah. ahahaa.

Bitterness shall end here. Thank you for reading, and sorry for wasting your time.

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