Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree

A tree that was planted, frequently visited... will grow before you, unnoticed... well, you'd probably cherish the first stem, the first leaf, the first bud, the first flower... but soon enough, you'll lost count of them... and one fine day, when the sun is still shining brightly like in any normal days... you'll learn that the tree is sick and dying... the thought is, must be; unbearable......

Ergo, I would like to stop nursing the growing seed I've once planted (that it now has aged a year or more, has a few healthy branches, rosing buds and abundance of leaves, also a few scars of dead stems).... before I further lost count of the branches and leaves... before the blossoming flowers overcome my fondness of the grasses around it... oh, those grasses have been there longer than the tree. 

No. I'm not abandoning it. I only stop caring and wishing too much, leaving it's care to the sun and land, to the wind and rain... to the Creator.... and I believe it's old enough to survive the harshness of nature... aren't you, dear tree?

I'll keep my eyes on it... but my heart will always attend to the calls when its needed... like a really strong fertilizer that comes into rescue of an ill plant. 

If the tree shall die young, I will not weep. ah, my sadness may visit... but I will not mourn. If it shall survive, I'll be happy... very happy... I'll celebrate each fruit that it bears with great gratitude. 

All the things shall come to perish anyway... but some trees live for hundreds of years. :) For the tree, I have my prayers. 

Oh, grow my tree grow... grow big and tall
grow my tree grow, be a canopy that shades us all

Oh, live my tree live.... live happy and healthy
live my tree live, turn my wish into reality.

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