Monday, February 14, 2011

Read, Write and Talk

Sometimes, to me blogging is a lot like reading, I always get excited to pick up a new book, the moment I finish reading one. If I abandoned the habit for too long, first of all, it'll no longer be a habit though I still get that kind of how-I-miss-getting-hooked-on-a-book feeling... second, I'll lost confidence in reading fat books. I'm afraid I'll forget the first chapter before I reach the ending... however, my love for books never dies... I still get the feeling I want this, I want that booksss whenever I go to the bookstore. Sometimes end up buying a couple of them.

When it comes to blogging, I notice the same pattern, I always blog in a few consecutive days with one or two days break in between... then a pause.... for weeks maybe months...during the non blogging period, I always have ideas/things to blog... I collect thoughts in my head, take photos, scribble here and there and say to myself, "I'll blog about this" but end up not doing so... and when I get to blogging back, I'll write about other things... usually the more trivial and less interesting matters than all the things I've collected. What happens to the thoughts? I feel like they are too complex... so I refuse to write, like a fat may-or-may-not-be-interesting book that I keep in provision but never was read. 

However, reading is easier... when I have a book in-waiting... it keeps me going. But blogging is different in that sense, it's more similar to talking... like some nights when I have things to say, but go to bed hugging the thought.. then I wake up, with it still in my head only to realize the 'sharing' feeling is gone. 

I love to think and talk before I sleep... but most of the times, I only read. :)

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