Thursday, May 30, 2013

Glasses Off

It occurred to me that I always take my glasses off whenever I need to focus on doing a serious task. Like when I have to resolve a complicated detailing on Autocad. Or when I need to proof check construction drawings,  Or even when I want to compose a new poem.

So if it happens that I take my glasses off when I talk to you, please know that you have attained my full attention. Please know that at the instance my glasses leave my nose bridge, and the moment you see my naked Asian eyes blinking earnestly although not very attractively, the whole world has become unimportant, the surrounding is just a bokeh of lights and sounds, and for that very glorious moment the only subject that matters in the whole universe, is you.

Although sometimes, I just need to wipe off the greasy marks and fog on my glasses. :)

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