Thursday, April 19, 2012

I was A Warrior

I was told to be blessed, for this silk frolic scarlet dress, not everyone has. They said, it suits me best. Like no other dress, perhaps this is really the best looking dress among all the ancient dresses you could find in my broken wooden chest.

What I never told you. I was a warrior before. My feet are here but my heart remains in the war... and no dress gives me comfort like the steel vest I used to wear... and nothing makes me feel secure like the rusted helmet in my kept-life. 

I wish for no luxury, I yearn for days with swords and archery. 

I haven't written my story. Don't try to chain me into this palace of disgrace. Of me, being a lady and must remain within the life of celibacy, abstained from challenge and mystery? Enough.

There is no harmony in the song you sing for me. I wish for nothing but to remain a warrior in this dried soil of reality. 

and no one knows best, but He.

The heck was the above writing? ahaha. I was called out for a mandatory interview for an unwanted program. There goes my inner voice blaspheming on the event. haha. Wish for what is best. Ameen. ;)

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