Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I wore a knee length plain fuchsia dress, a pair of black pants and a floral head scarf. I guess, I appeared a bit made-up for I had an interview on that day.

I was walking toward Surau at R&R Tapah when two guys sitting on the kerb muttered something to me. I couldn't really register their words until I walked a few steps passed them. It was something between whistling and flattering, then I realized it was nothing serious but the playful remarks a lady often gets especially she's walking alone.

I got that sometimes. Not very often, but sometimes and it has been many times. I believe many of you have experienced something similar... and it could be worse. If I were to rate the above scenario on a scale of 1-10. I'll give it  1. or maybe 1.5. Imagine 10.

What makes they do that to us? what makes us so vulnerable to men that they think they could freely harass us on the street? Is that in the way we dress, the way we walk or the way we look or the way we never look at them. 

It baffles me that most who do this ain't just youngsters. Funny that we have them in our society when many of our men are so bashful when we need them to speak up for a good course.

Guys, we are no animals. We don't whistle at each other for no reason. 

*Feminist hat's on*


Faramidi said...

Right?? I used to receive this bunyi tikus and those sort masa skolah. now not anymore. i wonder why? lol. Some days i just couldn't care less, other times, it can be very irritating. and did u notice, they only do it whenever they're in a group. alone pengecut. lol.

Kiambang said...

I think most of us ladies have grown accustomed to it, thus we naturally ignore them. but deep inside we wish we could just give them one epic-tamparan-wanita, then they'll know.