Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Possum is Not Awesome

Imagine waking up to a possum staring right into your eyes. His/her face so closed to yours. The eyes glistened as they pierced right through you. 

No no no. Maybe it wasn't the stare that woke you up. It was his/her fur that brushed against the bare skin of your arm. It was a momentous touch that happened for only a tiny second of your life but left a permanent effect on the spot where the intact had occurred. It was fast, instantaneous... perhaps it was longer than you realized for you had been sleeping when it began... but you woke up as you felt the caress... you thought it was a dream...

and you opened your eyes.... there, a possum of a size of a fat cat... standing on your bed, in front of your face. Glaring at you... eyes to eyes....

I wished it was an imagination, I wish it was dream. But it wasn't....

I am Zoophobia. 
I jumped off a chair when a cat passed through my legs. I borrowed other people bathroom for there was a dragonfly in mine. I woke my dad up in the middle of the night to catch a frog in my toilet back at home. I cried when I saw a kangaroo running towards me in a the Wild Life Park. I had weeks of after effect on my palm after forcefully attempted to feed a wallaby. I am scared of animals.

Now tell me, how do I forget what happened last night. I still feel the touch of the possum in my arm. 


I think I'm a bit psychologically damaged now. There's inconsolable 'geli'-ness that I can't get over. urgh! 

The possum previously used to stand outside of the windowpane, for hours... and stare into the room. I never thought he/she would have such a courage to get into the room, onto my bed! and last night, when I woke up and switched on the light... he/she run out frantically to the same spot outside the window pane, turned back to me and stared innocently... like, like... like it never came in. huh! belakon!!!

Lesson: Shut the windows properly at night. 

For those who do not know what a possum is, here's a photo of it... and a wiki link...

urghhh! tgk gambar ni pon rasa nak muntah and nangis. 

I need to jerit one more time...


I need a way to get this geli-ness out of me. Help!


Tina said...

OMG... for real?! It's certainly not nice to see a monkey blowing into your cup of tea but waking up from sleep only to find a possum staring rite into your face surely tops that. You poor thing... I hope you'll recover soon!

Kiambang said...

thank u tina.
it was so scawy... ;(((

the possum prolly knows I'm going back soon, tu yg nak tinggal kenangan. ahaha