Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Missing you, already!

You know that feeling when you miss something/one that sits right before you. in front of your eyes, knowing that you prolly won't see it again.
That is exactly how I feel right now, as I stroll down every park and street of Melbourne. I am already missing Melbourne! oh, how heavy this heart of mine! Maybe I won't come back here... or even if I do, it'll be in a far unthinkable future. I love this place, but there's nothing for me here. 5 years, and it should be it. 3 weeks left, everything begins to get sentimental... like every petal of a rose given by a lover. I want to remember you forever...

Oh! I know I'll miss you. I know I'll miss you dreadfully.
I don't really wanna leave you. but I have too. I don't belong here.

My dear, I have to go back to where I used to be.
But you, in my heart... will always be near.

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