Monday, October 10, 2011

You're Attractive To Me!


How is everyone today?
ahaa.. that sounds a little like a teacher or maybe a tv presenter or maybe some boring dj in the lamest radio channel. oh, do you know that I once wanted to be a tv presenter or a dj. I think I blogged bout that before. 

Anyway, today, I would like to write about charms or attractiveness. eh! whats up with all this formality.. ahah.. this post should be a brief one. 

What defines attractiveness to you?
I've been browsing through Lat's cartoon these few days for my major project. Since my project looks very much cartoon-ish, my sv, Neil suggested I should present it more like a comic, and make it very Malaysia-ish.. thus, I decided to present it in the manner of Lat's. I tell you man, it's difficult to copy something as great as that.

ah! this is so nostalgic! I think I called in tumbui instead of tumbung. Image taken from here.

Browsing through some of his cartoons took me to various cartoonist/ artist websites, effectively dragging me into endless admiration and awe. I think, people with artistic trait are very very very charming! regardless how they look. I know I always have a thing for people who writes...or should I say, those who rhyme? ahhaha. I love to rhyme myself, though it's never as good as a hymn. Anyway, all these cartoonist or artist are just fabulous in their very own way. They have their own strokes/style, their own font, their own bubble box... so much about the artist in an artwork. how can every of them manage to find their own individuality when there are like... I don't know billionsss of them? Maybe there are some similarities but still... you can tell the different.

I remember how I used to adore Kazuya Minekura. I used to like Saiyuki very much. oh, here's my recent sketch of a character in the story.

I copied it somewhere ofc.
Prior to that, I used to collect Blues untuk Aku if any of you are familiar with the series. I like Sireh and his Student Life, and AIE of course, then Jakalll who came a little bit later than the two aforementioned. (I remember emailing him a couple of times asking about drawing techniques and whatnot). I had also tried making some comic strips back then, but I gave up... why? because I found myself copying the artists I admired rather than having my own styles. Sad. I think when it comes to drawing, I only know how to copy. I guess, that's why I like to draw portraits. here's some portraits of friend that I've drawn. 

Ok, this post seems to take a different direction. ahahaha.. and haven't I said that it should be a brief one? hish. Anyway, see those two portraits... I drew both, but they don't seem to possess similar style. you think? I think if I should become really good at drawing pun... I won't have my own style. Sad!

Dahla...should just give up on drawing, all heart out for identity quest in architecture.

Anyway, I think I'm a little jealous too with all these talented people and their uniqueness. Oh, yes, that's the word. Uniqueness. I'm all for unique. ;) Dear all talented people, stop being so attractive to me.

I sometimes randomly hum a silly prayer
"...send me a poet.... send me a poet..."
 maybe I should ask for a cartoonist/painter too. ahaha.

or... will I ever meet a poet who draws?

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