Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Stressful Post

I always find it a bit 'poyo' to always use 'stress' as an excuse for something. Eg; to get angry at others, to act sick, to skip classes, to apply for special consideration for late presentation/exams, to cry like a baby out of the blue.

Nevertheless, I think I in my not-so-right-mind do all the above except applying for a special consideration because as for me, no matter how stressful a situation can get, alhamdulillah... I always find a way to keep up with datelines. So it is what it is, saya jugak poyo lah mcm tu.

Anyways, we all have our own ways in managing stress... eg; shopping, p bertumbuk dgn org, tidoq tak bngun2... it always good to channel out our negative energy as long as, tak menyusahkan orang. apparantly, kalau p shopping pakai credit card cik abang tu, kesian la.. bertumbuk ngan org tu lagi buruk perangai.

There are also many reasons why someone gets so stressed out Workloads is a common example, a good and acceptable one. but there are many other reasons too, some are quite privacy... and in cases which you cannot share with others for reasons of appropriateness, or you stop sharing in order not to annoy others with your never-ending grief... it could eat you up. like seriously.. it begins to affect your health.

For example... sometimes it makes you heart go sprinting with no reasons. funny eh. But hey, the world does not revolve around you. the world goes around with or without your heart sprinting, I mean beating.... sometimes, you have to deal with it. if it's pain. painful it is. if it's stress, stressful it is.

Trust me, I've had ECG done, and the doctors said "it's stress"

Haha.. what a random post. anyway people. don't always buckle up inside. go talk to someone who cares. it'll help. don't let stress ruin your health.

smile, for smile sometimes is equal to.... happiness ;)


adahanz said...

assalamualaikum.. i'm blogwalker...
tertarik dengan your blog, miss.. simple but nice... but u look familiar... maybe a selebrity??

Kiambang said...

waalaikum slm warahmatullah~
thank u so much for saying that. no, I am nobody, far from being a celebrity. just one of the millions humble bloggers :D

adahanz said...

ok... cuma muka ada iras2 somebody... teruskan bekarya... i'll be a silent reader... hehehe..