Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You and My Mama ;)

I'm very busy right now, but can't help to share a little story about my family. 

My parents live next to my late grandparents, on my father's side. When my grandpa was sick, she took care of him, until his last breath. Then, my grandma... also, until she breath her last. 

A few years prior to that, she took care of her mother, the mother that raised her, I'm pretty sure if she ever met her own mother, she'd do the same... I was young, I don't remember that grandmother very well. But I never forget how she suap makan and mandikan her every day.

She also cared for my dad's half blood aunt.. and a few other people I can hardly remember. They all lived with us. I remember, when dad renovated our house, she reminded him to built a dedicated room for the sick... which now has become my room.

Mum sometimes said, "I took care of many elderlies until Allah took them away from me, I hope Allah won't abandon me when I'm old"

It occurs to me how amazing my mum is. I've seen how hard it is to care for a sick AND old person. Even a sick person sometimes gets on your nerve. I wonder if I could be like her. 

I thank Allah for having my sister in law Kak Sarah. When it comes to taking care of people, she's like a clone of my mum, just a modern version. :) To me, you're the answer of mum's prayer. InshaAllah... 

Thank you for always be there for them, and jaga mak ayah very well! You're too, amazing! like mak! I have a lot to learn from you. 


ct sarah said...

kan i dah kata mesti nangis punya...i pun harap esok ada orang jaga i macam i jaga mak dan ayah....

KIAMBANG said...

hehhh... org tulis baik2,nangeh pulak dah. haha