Sunday, May 22, 2011

My 10 Romantic Date Venues

(Warning! This post is sentimental and personal. You may choose not to read)

I guess it’s the autumn rain or maybe the blessedly married couple story I heard last night. Or the sweet and sour taste of mandarin orange given by roommate. Or the good looking guy who taught me how to clear cookies on my iPhone. Or La Pasegiatta art I drew for my studio project. I don’t know… I’m just feeling mellow and a bit on the romantic side. Haha… Hence I’m writing this;

The list goes as the following....

1. An Art Gallery / Expo 
I don’t mind if you can’t buy me the 99,000 USD worth painting that I fall in love with. I just need you to stand next to me, admiring the gift of God to all of these people. Understand how much I love arts. How I once dreamed to be a great painter. You must let me laugh of excitement when I see the piece that I like and don’t think me mad when I cry seeing the piece that makes me sad. I don’t mind you making silly comments of the displayed arts. I don’t mind you saying the ugly albino fox in one of the painting looks like me. But never say ‘this place is boring’. It’ll sadden me gravely. In prayer, I pray for someone who’s, not necessarily an artist or good at art, but at least appreciates it. 

2. A Museum 
It’s a bit like a gallery, but quite different. Museum is more thematic in the sense the materials displayed are specific to a particular criteria mostly history. I hope I’ll marry someone who has interest in history. Don’t rush when you walk with me in a museum. I sometimes digest an information slower than other people. I like if you talk about all the things we see. I like if you explain to me things I don’t understand. But don’t expect me to be clever and know everything.

I really wonder how it’s like to spend time in no 01 and 02 with the person I love, since so far I’ve been going there mostly alone.

3. Somewhere High 
Here in Melbourne, around 6 am in the morning you’ll see hot air balloons floating up in the city skyline. I never ride it. It’s in my wishlist which I’m pretty sure would remain there until I go back for good. Haha... I hope someday. It’ll come true.. with you. You look at arts from a haptics-distance…. But to see the vast land from afar… will remind us of all the wide roads and narrow paths we have to travel together. Ain't that romantic. Other high places are like a mountain, a sky deck, and a rooftop of a high building. 

4. A Theater 
..and watch something classical. It’s okay not to have a dedicated tier seating for the two of us. It’s okay to sit amongst the crowd. Just pick a good play. Something classical. Something historical. Oh! So classy, so romantic. I don’t really fancy movies cinema, though. 

5. A Bookstore 
Buy me a book of your choice. I’ll savor every single word in the book like you were the author. Remember, I don’t fancy thriller. Hahaa. 

6. An Autumn Garden 
Hands up who thinks autumn garden isn’t romantic? Take me for an evening stroll and hold my hand along the way. I fall for you gazillions time more than the fallen ochre leaves. Primavera in the heart! This can’t be done in Malaysia though. How sad… 

7. A Beach 
I’ll make sandwiches and you treat me for ice cream. Hee… Deal?

8. On the back of a horse / Horse Riding 
Out of all animals in the world. I’m not that scared of horses. It takes a lot of me of course to get closed to them, let alone ride. But I’ve tried not so long ago, so many times. I remember a brown horse named Rosy at Perlis Equestrian Club. I would love to do it again. Down the hill or along the beach, you pick. I don’t mind. 

9. A Maze 
We’ll take a different route and see who’ll get to the end first. whoever does, lets wait for the other patiently. The anticipation of meeting again after being disconnected and lost. How fun! 

10. A Classic Japanese Restaurant 
I’m not sure why is this in the list. But I imagine a restaurant where you sit on a pillow instead of chair. The food is all colorful, not artificially colored though and they range from seafood to meat. From veggies to flowers. Ice-cream and cakes and sweets. 

Heee… Oh! now I have my 10 most romantic dreamed-vacations in the head. Oh well, I’ll save it for another rainy days. Should get back to work. 

Anyways, my readers? What are your ideas of a romantic date?


ct sarah said...

i suka pantai....1-5...tu mustahil sikit...9-10 pun sama....

Tina said...

Please forgive me for I just -have- to go, "Awwwwww....". This is an absolute sweetly sweetness post. I love it. It makes ME feel mellow and a tad romantic. How beautiful. Sigh...

I pray that you'll meet that man, amin.

It's a nice thing to think about, isn't it? I can't think of one rite now - sbb masih processing the beautiful pictures that you're painting.


KIAMBANG said...

kak tun, igt nak masukan pergi mancing skali. hehe

heeee.... :D thanks tina. doa2 la.

a'ah.. best berangan. hahaa.. nanti tina dah dpt idea, share la. hehe

AfIqAh^^AiSyAh said...

awww~~ coming from u~~ it's so.. WOW! haha! so sweet laa as!!!

KIAMBANG said...

heheee... I'm sweet.