Monday, July 13, 2009


Dear Kiambang,
Please STOP,
1. thinking and spending too much on food
2. eating lollies
3. counting your money as its not going to multiple in a day
4. checking your mailbox hundred times per day
5. talking to your teddy bear
6. writing nonsense
7. feeling annoyed
8. wasting time on facebook, twitter, bloging and flickr
9. hating people even though they are bad
10. being angry
11. searching for any new skincare product as nothing suits you best
12. wanting and buying unnecessary stuffs
13. talking nonsense
14. watching nonsense
15. saying 'ooork' as Oya already get annoyed of it... hehee
16. feeling distressed over things that had passed

::If only I could~
I want to go to a place where nobody could find me, just to watch rainbow and sea and appreciate the beauty...


Pok Kam said...


How you wish you could do all the above but then again deep down inside you actually don't want to. :)

~Ki@MbaNg~ said...

hahaa... pokkam, some of em', I really want to.. but it's just hard.. but things like giving up on lollies.. hehee... I guess, u're right~

pech said...

kulit ku cantik, tidak perlu pencuci`~~~