Friday, July 31, 2009


mauro: if you look at this picture.. u can see.. bla bla blaaaa....
oya: takmau tengok~

hahahahhaaa... history lecture was really torturing.. I just wish its a little bit shorter.. but, I couldn't deny that it was very interesting indeed.. all images shown are fantastic.. I'm learning so much in this subject... and the best.. so much about the realistic side of architecture.. the more human one, rather than just 'architecture'... it's good to know from historical evidences that architecture, somehow somewhat is a very strong medium for ideology~ so.... I need to start making my own propaganda...hahaa... It's not easy to be a revolutionist, I better start now~ hahaaa...

Oh ya.. I think Mauro Italian accent somehow is quite charming.... hhaaahhaa (I think everyone's gonna hate me!!!) He is really a talking machine!

Ok..get the essay done, Asriah!

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