Monday, April 14, 2008


I should be doin tech at the moment..yet, neither Mandy or Al3sh (my groupmate) has shown up.. giving some space to write a word or two of my thought, feelings, emotions and whatever seems to come across my mind at the the deepest of my heart.. i have to say that i really miss home, Malaysia... despite the chaos and misery mode of political agenda...i still miss my beloved country...neither Australia or anywhere on earth could replace the love that i have towards Malaysia...its a place where i grew up..knew nights and days.. a land where i put my very first step on...learn to walk and run...a piece of earth that witnessess my joy and pain....on its land where all my loves gathered and scattered...beneath its sky i treasured my childhood...a place where the heart is... the formation of malaysia and the story behind is so much to learn from....the sacrifices of my forefathers, the blessing of Allah upon those who strive hard...history teaches us so much about todays and tomorrows...there is always a moment in this life when we have to look back and reflect... appreciate and treasure...these thing, i learned in Malaysia..but the ungrateful me was too naive and care free that i take my own sensitivity and patriotism towards malaysia for granted...the name " MALAYSIA " to me was just merely a name of a piece of land where one could live in..but i guess, i have come to the sense of being a better Malaysian...Appreciate..yes..appreaciate the peace and beauty of my own country... all the deficiency is nothing to be ashamed of..but something to take as responsiblity as an agent of changes... "Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, ambil emas dari negeri orang bawa balik negeri sendiri.."thats what i will do, insyaAllah...Allah bless Malaysia insyaAllah....OK.. i have to continue with my werk..a lot more to come insyaAllah...

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