Monday, March 17, 2014


I remember how he sat so calm in front of my dad, I had no idea if his smiles was a covering act or his palms were all sweat, but to me, on that day, he looked like the handsomest man on this planet..

His voice echoed, still lingers at the back of my head, when he answered to my dad, the aqad. He kept it simple, but I knew, we  knew for the better part of the deen is now complete. We knew, that a love is now sealed in the name of God, blessed by the wali, celebrated by family and friends with prayers and good wishes.

It was still vivid, the way he, for the first time, touched my hand and held them, subtle but firm. I remember, part of my fingers were scalded through the jitters of the wait,  the henna couldn't help the concealing job, not quite a scar but I did find the marks debilitating. He understood. He placed his thumbs upon the mark while he put a ring on my fourth finger. Isn't him sweet? I was falling in love with him already.

The first touch were electrifying. It felt so right, the rightest righteous kind of act. Oh, I'm at a lost for words describe how beautiful the moment was. We held hands through and through.. and on that day, we promised each other that we shall strive to walk this life hand in hand towards the door of jannah. Amen.


rasyidah yusof said...

As..that is so sweet. awww.. almost crying tau. Congrats As and husband. Barakallah.

Nur Asriah Abdul Talib said...

hehe... Thank you shida!