Monday, April 1, 2013



April it is now. I can hardly remember the last time I wrote anything here and what kind of fuss was it. haha. Anyways, yeah... I've been busy with technically everything. From settling to a new home, adjusting with a new workplace, learning the traffic, reviving my cooking talent (assuming it existed in the past) to getting to know new people as well those I might have known in the past. At some point of life you might be brought back to where you were once, it could be you might end up working at your school, university, hometown, you might end up working with your schoolmates or just simply meeting them again in a casual gathering after, say 10 years. When this happens, as for me, I take it as a new experience, those familiar places and faces are as strange as anything/one new. Things change, people change after all. And as the saying goes, the only constant thing in life is; change.

Speaking of change, have you ever felt like something inside yourself is changing or growing. Not physically, perhaps spiritually. You can hardly comprehend or justify, but you know something is going on. You become more acceptable to many things yet remain selective. If you are quite a giver, you finally learn to hold on. The curiosity you once had when you were little, now revisit in a different form, dressed in an agreement to disagree. This is hard, I can't even find the words to say.

oh! Perhaps this is what moving on is like.... or perhaps, I am just getting old. haha

A'la kulliha, Allahu musta'an. ;)

will write again soon inshaAllah.


Faramidi said...

I thought u gave up writing, hehe, glad you're back. Love your writings :)

Nur Asriah Abdul Talib said...

Hey Faraha. I supposed I haven't. Old love never dies, such is writing. hehe. Thanks for reading.